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Bring live results to your next talk.

Go beyond one-way presentations and pre-work surveys - that no-one completes! Lead your next talk with a Yerbo Group Assessment and boost audience engagement.

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Why talks are better with group assessments

Connect with your audience

Deliver instant insights

Achieve better understanding and awareness

1. Pick a group assessment

  • Purchase a group assessment from Yerbo's library, or apply to adapt an existing one to your brand and narrative.
  • Create your own group assessment
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2. Invite audience participation

  • Share the link to the survey or a QR code to invite your audience to take the assessment
  • No login, no download, no app install. Your audience only needs their phone, a QR reader and a browser.

3. Provide instant insights

  • Every participant completes the survey and gets a individual results page with insights and recommendations that they take with them.
  • If your using your own assessment you can set this recommendations to point to your content, products, or services.
Individual burnout risk result graphs
Mental zone and results distribution

4. Show live results

  • Broadcast live aggregate results
  • Explain results on screen to facilitate understanding of individual results

5. Increase engagement

  • Captivate your audience by connecting individual results with the group results on screen.
  • Yerbo scales your feedback to every individual with automatic recommendations based on each participant's results.

Take your talks to new heights

Increase audience engagement

Deliver insights at scale

Deliver lasting value to attendees

No logins, no extra technology needed.

Want to upgrade your next talk?

Let's chat and we'll take you through the possibilities for creating and using your own assessment or to start right away with a Yerbo assessment.

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