It's time to measure your motivation!

Learn your feelings regarding the 3 sources of motivation at work: Role, Environment & Development. And then share the results with your team!

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Measure my motivation levels
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Motivation is the key for innovation

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Being a successful leader means energizing and motivating your team to perform at a higher level. That's the only way to multiply your impact.

Unfortunately, in most cases, team motivation is not handled properly. Managers jump to thinking of ways to motivate their teams, instead of understanding what they really want and need in order to align their expectations with the role, environment, and development.

When team expectations are not met, demotivation creeps in, and its consequences are very real: talent drain, low-performing teams, decreased productivity, etc.
To try to alleviate this issue, LIDR & Yerbo have joined forces to co-create the RED Framework survey, a tool where you can learn your feelings regarding the 3 sources of motivation at work, identify areas of opportunity, and get tailored recommendations for improvement.