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Founder Burnout is real.

As a founder, if you neglect your well-being, you neglect your business.

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The Founder Burnout Index and Founder Health

At Founder Health, we prioritize founders' mental health and overall well-being, leveraging the power of the Founder Burnout Index. This scientifically validated assessment not only measures indicators of burnout, such as exhaustion, cynicism, depersonalization, and self-inefficacy, but also evaluates work engagement and mental stressors, both emotional and cognitive. By detecting early signs of burnout and identifying areas for improvement, we can devise a personalized, proactive support system tailored to each founder's unique needs.

Meet Founder Health
Our vision is a resilient founder community in Canada where mental well-being is the norm. We're committed to delivering accessible, impactful mental health services, with an aim to extend our reach by 30% in the next three years.

We believe that founders' success is tied to their mental resilience. Using data-driven research, we'll demonstrate that teams who prioritize mental health outperform those who don't. Partnering with founder-focused organizations, we aim to enhance support mechanisms, striving for a 50% improvement over the next three years.

In light of our mission and your journey as a founder, we invite you to take the Founder Burnout Index assessment below. Evaluate your well-being, identify areas of improvement, and receive personalized recommendations.

At FounderHealth, we believe in pairing success with well-being.