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Get more data, recognition, and revenue, by creating and distributing your assessments to Yerbo’s audience.

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Why authors use Yerbo:

To expand their audience

To get more data for their models

To sell more courses, books, and conferences

To generate passive revenue

Collect more data for future research

  • Drive more research and publications by licensing your assessments to consultants and Yerbo provides back to you the aggregated data.

Reach a bigger audience

  • Take advantage of Yerbo’s community of coaches and consultants to reach a bigger audience with your methods.

Cross-sell assessments and books

  • Use recommendations conditional to the results of each participant to direct their next steps to your content, books, courses, and coaching.
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Monetize your framework

  • Stop unofficial use of your intellectual property. Monetize your methods by officially licensing your assessments directly to consultants.

Create a community of practitioners of your methodology

  • Connect directly with consultants using your methodology and keep them updated with a monthly newsletter.


Automatic data collection

Community of consultants

Branded and custom recommendations

Newsletter to assessment practitioners

Dedicated Assessment Expert

Get more data, recognition and revenue.

Get more value from your framework and research by distributing your assessments with Yerbo.

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