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Leverage custom assessments and AI-powered conversations to foster ongoing client engagement and inspire change.

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This is How Yerbo Will 10x Your Program's Impact

Yerbo helps you elevate your consulting practice with AI-powered conversations and custom assessments.

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Where your program starts: a library of powerful assessments that are ready to be made your own. This helps you figure out where to put your attention.

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Delivering value at scale: Instant, personalized recommendations pave the way for everyone to embark on their self-actualization journey.

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How you extend your impact: Participants delve deeper into their results with AI conversations, and automated emails ensure the dialogue continues well beyond the program's end.

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Continuous improvement is our game: Post-program assessments help measure your impact and pinpoint next steps. The journey towards self-actualization never really ends, it just evolves.

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Merge the precision of assessments with the intelligence and scalability of AI conversations for a truly transformative consulting experience.

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Burnout Index by Yerbo
Get your personal burnout risk with a free, science-based assessment.

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Psychological Safety by Yerbo
Discover your level of psychological safety based on team and leadership triggers.

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Transformational Leadership by Yerbo
Gain valuable insights into your leadership style and identify areas for improvement.

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Burnout Risk by Medicine Forward
Free, anonymous burnout assessment designed for healthcare professionals.

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Well-being Bundle by Yerbo
Boost your practice and empower your clients with the well-being bundle.

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Create your own assessment
Discover how easy it is to create or adapt one assessment with Yerbo.

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Boost Your Consulting Impact

Don't let the forgetting curve erode the value of your insights. With customizable assessments, AI-powered conversations, and email automation, you can ensure your program's impact extends far beyond its conclusion.

Boost Your Consulting Impact Now
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How does Yerbo AI help me measure my impact as a consultant?

Yerbo AI enables you to gather valuable insights about the real-world application of your methods through its AI-driven chatbot. It tracks individual and aggregate data on program implementation, allowing you to showcase your impact with quantifiable results.

What kind of assessments can I use?

Yerbo supports a wide range of assessments, including individual, 360º, and group assessments. You can use it for various settings such as online, one-on-one sessions, workshops, conferences, and more. Yerbo enhances these assessments with AI by providing personalized feedback, recommendations, and call-to-actions based on the participants' results.

How does Yerbo's AI ensure personalized advice and support for my clients?

Yerbo AI uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze user responses and provide personalized advice and support. The AI-driven chatbot fosters ongoing engagement, allowing you to maintain continuous communication with program participants while delivering tailored support and recommendations.

Can I train the Yerbo AI chatbot to align with my voice, tone, and knowledge?

Absolutely, with Yerbo you can ensure the chatbot aligns with your unique voice, tone, and knowledge. By providing your own responses to prompts and questions from users, the AI learns and tailors its responses to echo your consulting approach. This ensures that the advice and support delivered to your clients are consistent with your standards. Additionally, we set guidelines and guardrails with you prior to the launch, this means the AI will not venture into advising areas or making suggestions that you deem inappropriate or outside its competency. The focus is to automate interactions while preserving the personalized touch that sets you apart.

Is Yerbo suitable for consultants in any industry or niche?

Yes, Yerbo AI is designed to be versatile and adaptable to a wide range of industries and niches. You can customize the platform according to your unique consulting approach and the specific needs of your clients, ensuring a tailored experience for everyone involved.

What kind of data can I collect with Yerbo?

Yerbo allows you to gather valuable data from your clients' assessment responses. This can provide insights into their progress, strengths, and areas needing improvement. You can use this information to tailor your consulting services and demonstrate your impact.

What are Yerbo's data policies?

At Yerbo, we take data privacy very seriously. We operate under GDPR guidelines, ensuring all data is handled responsibly and with respect for privacy. We're committed to transparency and have a clear data use policy. When you onboard as a Yerbo consultant, we'll work closely with you to understand and meet your data policy expectations. This way, you can reassure your clients that their data is being used responsibly, with their consent, and solely for the purpose of enhancing their consulting experience.

How much time does it take to set up my assessments and AI-powered conversations?

Setting up your assessments and AI-powered conversations largely depends on your existing materials and methodology. With the help of our assessment experts, we aim to make the process as efficient as possible. On average, assessment are live in under 3 weeks.

Can my clients retake the assessments? How often?

Yes, your clients can retake the assessments as often as needed. We recommend setting reminders for retakes to evaluate progress and measure impact. The frequency of retakes can be determined by you and your clients' needs. Importantly, there is no additional fee for the volume of responses.

What is Yerbo's subscription model?

The subscription provides access to all our features including creating and customizing assessments, AI-powered conversations, instant personalized results, and more. The cost depends on your specific needs. Importantly, our subscription includes unlimited responses, so you can scale your impact without additional costs. For more detailed information, please reach out to our team here.