Unleash the power of personalized assessments.

Transform your consulting business with personalized, automated assessments.

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Unleash the power of personalized assessments.

Transform your consulting business with personalized, automated assessments.

Surveys ask, assessments give.

Assessments deliver instant and conditional insights to participants to enhance the value you provide to clients.

Free Yourself

Spend less time on spreadsheets and more time with your clients. No more manual data processing, developer requests, and report generation. Yerbo's automation streamlines your assessment process and lets you focus on your clients.

Improve Your Brand

Elevate your personal brand by adopting Yerbo's cutting-edge technology, offering a modern and engaging user experience that positions you as a tech-savvy consultant: Great UI, engagement nudges, instant results, conditional recommendations, gated content, and more.

Your Approach

Deliver your distinctive consulting methodology at scale with customized assessment recommendations and call-to-actions, ensuring your clients receive valuable, personalized insights that resonate with your expertise.

Why build your assessment with Yerbo

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Validate your model with data

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Show your impact (entry and exit assessments)

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Attract and qualify leads

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Repurpose and cross-sell your content

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Earn passive income

Close the gap between your expertise and your clients.

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Tailor assessments to your unique consulting approach with multiple levels of granularity and customization.


Deliver immediate feedback and insights to assessment participants, both individually and as a group.


Offer conditional recommendations and content to guide action and nurture engagement.


Individual, 360º, group assessments for online, 1:1 sessions, workshops, conferences, and more uses.


Boost completion rates and enhance participant experience with a user-friendly interface.

Yerbo does the heavy lifting for you:

Focus on your expertise while Yerbo's team of experts helps bring your assessment to life, tailored to your unique consulting approach.

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Select an assessment from the library or bring your own.

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Get personalized assistance to optimize your assessment.

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Our team sets up the questions, logic, and your custom recommendations, and call-to-actions.

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Get your branded assessment in under 2 weeks, saving months of development time and costs.

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Share your assessment to provide added value for your clients, differentiate your services, and deliver personalized insights.

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Growing Library of Assessments

Access a diverse and expanding collection of assessments created by Yerbo and our network of authors:

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Burnout Index

200,000+ responses

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Launched on ProductHunt

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Software-Engineer Team Culture

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Save time, enhance your brand, and deliver instant, personalized insights to your clients with a cutting-edge assessment technology.

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What's the difference between an assessment and a quiz or survey?

Assessments built with Yerbo deliver insights and instant value to participants, be they individual respondents, team leaders, speakers, lecturers, etc. Yerbo's assessments allow creators to display automatic insights that are relative to the actual individual or team results. This means that results are relevant and that insights and recommended action can be very targeted. You can see a live example - and check your burnout risk while you're at it - by going here.

How can I create my assessment with Yerbo?

Yerbo is designed to support a wide range of assessments, focusing on helping consultants create, distribute, and utilize assessments in various settings. We offer personalized assistance to help you adapt existing assessments from our library or create new ones tailored to your needs. Our team will work with you to ensure your assessment aligns with your goals and methods, while also offering suggestions for improvement based on our experience.

How do I customize an assessment to fit my unique consulting approach?

Yerbo's platform allows you to effortlessly adapt assessments to your specific consulting methodology. You can choose from our library of existing assessments or work with our team to create a custom assessment tailored to your needs. Our platform enables you to personalize recommendations and call-to-actions based on your expertise, ensuring your clients receive valuable insights that align with your approach.

How do Group Assessments work?

With Yerbo's technology, you can create group assessments for various settings, such as work units, workshops, and conferences. Each group assessment has a dedicated page with a unique URL that you can share to collect individual responses. Once at least three participants have completed their assessments, you'll see the aggregated results displayed immediately. This allows team leaders, consultants, and speakers to observe the distribution of results within a group or organization. A common use case for group assessments is during speaking engagements, where speakers can share the unique URL with their audience, enabling them to receive individual insights while also showcasing the live, aggregated results for the entire group.

Can I use Yerbo assessments in workshops, group coaching sessions, or conferences?

Absolutely! Yerbo assessments can be used in various group settings, such as workshops, group coaching sessions, or conferences. By offering instant, personalized insights to participants, you can create engaging and interactive experiences that add value to your events.

Can I use Yerbo assessments for lead generation on my website?

Yes, you can integrate Yerbo assessments into your website to engage visitors and generate leads. By providing valuable insights to users, you can encourage them to share their contact information with you, helping you build your email list and connect with potential clients.

Can I restrict access to my assessment?

Yes, you can control access to your assessment depending on your needs. You can create a public assessment to host on your website or share with Yerbo's community, or you can generate a unique URL to share exclusively with your clients. Additionally, we offer paywall options for assessments, with a 10% processing fee applied to payments.

Can I charge for my assessment?

Yes, you can charge for your individual and/or team assessments. We recommend that you keep your individual assessment free so as to drive more participation and to charge only for team result pages and 360º features, but you can charge for any type of assessment. We have a direct integration with Stripe as our payment gateway, and you can set a price for each assessment and generate discount codes.