Surveys ask. Assessments give.

Create your own branded assessment to deliver instant insights to your audience.

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Surveys ask. Assessments give.

Create your own branded assessment to deliver instant insights to your audience.

Here's why you should build assessments and not surveys.

Valuable for the individual

Assessments deliver instant valuable insights to individuals, increasing their awareness and guiding their action.

This increases participation and completion rates.

Team live-results

Assessments can show real-time results and insights for individuals, but also aggregate results for a team, company, or conference audience.

This increases the value of your talk or class.

Inherently shareable

Because individuals perceive value from taking the assessment they're also much more likely to share it with colleagues, friends, and family. This increases your reach and data collection capabilities.

Close the gap between your knowledge and your community.

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The system adjusts to your assessment. Multiple levels of granularity.


Immediate feedback and insights to participants.


Guide action and share your content depending on individual results.


Self, Team, and 360 assessments.


Increase completion rates with an enjoyable experience for assessment participants.

Yerbo does the heavy lifting for you:

You’re the expert on your field of knowledge, and we free you to focus on that.

Yerbo's experts build and deploy your branded assessment making your vision a reality.

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Apply to build your assessment with Yerbo.

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Get personalized assistance to improve your assessment.

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We'll set up your questions, logic, and recommendations.

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You get your branded assessment in less than 2 weeks, instead of months of development time (and cost).

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Share your assessment and start generating leads, selling your services, and generating passive income.

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YerboHub is a selective program.
We partner with exceptional creators only.

Check these live assessments created with Yerbo:

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Burnout Index

200,000+ responses

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Software-Engineer Team Culture

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Your Assessment

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Why build your assessment with Yerbo

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Get data and validate your model

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Show your value (entry and exit assessments)

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Generate and qualify leads

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Repurpose and cross-sell your content

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Generate passive revenue


You’re great at what you do. And Yerbo frees you to focus on your knowledge and services. Yerbo's assessment expert will work with you to create the assessment that will help you generate data and leads, and validate your theory and impact.

Adam Grant level

We have the technology and assessment-knowledge to give you access to the same tools the biggest creators have:

Great UI, engagement nudges, instant results, conditional recommendations, gated content, and more.

Show your value

With your assessment you'll be able to prove your method, but also by using multiple assessment points you'll be able to show the progress of your clients, be they students, coachees, employees, or research subjects.

Ready to get your dream assessment?

Apply now to have your knowledge translated into a valuable assessment to help grow your audience, business, and personal brand.

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What's the difference between an assessment and a quiz or survey?

Assessments built with Yerbo deliver insights and instant value to participants, be they individual respondents, team leaders, speakers, lecturers, etc. Yerbo's assessments allow creators to display automatic insights that are relative to the actual individual or team results. This means that results are relevant and that insights and recommended action can be very targeted. You can see a live example - and check your burnout risk while you're at it - by going here.

How can I create my assessment with Yerbo?

Yerbo isn't agnostic to the type of assessments that we help to create, distribute, and monetize. It's our purpose to help democratize access to the best tools and frameworks to all digital teams. This means that we have a vetting process where we analyze your goals, and method you want to assess, that being said, we are not going to be imposing changes to your method, but we may suggest improvements based on our experience.

I have a theme I'd like to create an assessment for, but I don't have the items or logic yet. Will Yerbo help me build the assessment?

We'd be happy to chat and see if we can help you come up with the structure of your assessment. We have a very experienced team creating assessments from academic researcher to lead-generation and qualification types. We believe there's no reason why you should have to struggle the same way we did when we first started, so when you build your assessment with Yerbo you're getting access to the collective knowledge and best practices from dozens of assessments and hundreds of thousands of individual responses.

Can I restrict access to my assessment?

Yes, you can have an open public assessment, that you can host on your website, and that Yerbo can share to its community, or you can have a unique url that you share with your clients only. We can also create paywalls - we take a 10% processing fee from these payments.

Can I charge for my assessment?

Yes, you can charge for your individual and/or team assessments. We recommend that you keep your individual assessment free so as to drive more participation and to charge only for team result pages and 360º features, but you can charge for any type of assessment. We have a direct integration with Stripe as our payment gateway, and you can set a price for each assessment and generate discount codes.

How do Team assessments work?

With Yerbo's technology you can create a team assessment, for each team assessment there will be a dedicated page. In it you'll get a unique url that you can share to collect individual response. When 3 individual participants have completed their assessments you'll see results flowing in immediately. This can be used by team leaders, and consultants to see the distribution of results within a team, or organization. Another common use case is to use team assessments during speaking engagement. Speakers and lecturers can ask share the unique url with their audience, so that they can get their individual insights, and also show the live results coming in for the team distribution.